ODLK1 boinc server status


Server is running in "emergency mode" and onto the weekend it will be power off for fixing it's automatic boot up failure


There was a lightning bolt in the night that damage many electrical devices in the area. Internet connection were restored in the mornung, now server is being checked if it has got damage or not.

Both root and data disks on the server are good (tested mounted in another machine), but actually it did not bootup.

The problems will take many days to investigate, so use a backup BOINC project. Thanks.


The server is having some sporadic problems on webservice. Be sure to have some backup project to use, as the problem will be investigated during the next weekend.


During the night the power missed for more that 6 hours and power supply did not last so long.

When the server start for power returns, not all disk were mounted, so only after a proper reboot it start to operate again at 18:35.


Server operation is now 100% up.


Forum is active again. Many manual actions where done to fix the filesystem with DB in order to boinc job to run again.

Actually the restore of client downloading is not active


Unfortunately the new SO has setup/libraries imcompatibility with previous one, so the old used setting is not still valid.

This require to write from scratch all the Boinc related stuff, so I will leave the server sconnected from internet when working on this.

The DB actually is the one of 20 Aug at 8.00, the disk problems so come after that date.


SO was installed during the weeek. Now the Boinc DB is popolated with the DB bump, and then all services will be recreated.


Disk is arrived today and it is installed. Now the installation of new SO can begin


During the vacation period the server had an hardware failure on the M2 SSD disk (as I was not connected to server during this time,  a possible pre-failure signal in log was not seen). It is the one with the fast access for the SO partition, not the BOINC data (that is in an external big SSD disk).

Maybe failure happened during 20 to 23 August, and probably the system hang up as when physical connected to it, it as no one response.

Now a new disk is being orderer and then the SO will be installed (it will be used the more recent LTE version). I hope to have some news soon.